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 My favorite things in 2009!


Selena Gomez;;
This girl is my favorite of the Disney set. She's absolutely adorable, and so normal. I love her style, she's sweet, real, and she's the best actor Disney's got right now. And, I love her music too, haters to the left. If I could be best friends with any celebrity, it would be her :)
Leighton Meester;; Not only is she Blair Waldorf, but she's down to earth and not to mention gorgeous. She has a certain light about her. Also, she pulls off pretty much everything she wears fantastically.
Bethany Joy Galeotti and Sophia Bush;; These two are two of the prettiest girls on television today, but they both are incredibly down-to-earth. They play the two best (in my opinion) characters on One Tree Hill.
Dianna Agron;; A new addition to my favorites list lately, Dianna is not only gorgeous, she has fantastic hair, and she also may be the sweetest, kindest, and most genuine person on Glee. She seems incredibly intelligent, and we share the same favorite book, Alice In Wonderland.
Miley Cyrus;; Haters gonna hate, but I have loved miss Miley Ray Cyrus since I watched the first episode of Hannah Montana back in 2006. Sure, she's got her flaws, but let's face it, any star under 18 is constantly stuck under a microscope by the media to pick out the tiniest mistake. (Except for Selena Gomez, for some reason.) My love for Miley only grew this year. She released "The Climb" and "When I Look At You" which are my two favorite songs she has ever done. Here's hoping she keeps on rocking.
Taylor Momsen;; Another teenager who suffers from "Miley Syndrome", aka constant media harrassment, my love for Taylor Momsen just started this year when she finally turned down her Courtney Love-esque look and started to embrace herself. While she is the youngest cast member on Gossip Girl, i'd rank her in the top three most talented. And let's face it, she's quite pretty and her hair is like golden silk.
Ed Westwick;; Oh, Ed Westwick. This boy is quite possibly the most adorable boy on the face of this planet right now. That will be all. Boy needs better taste in women though. Seriously, his girlfriend is just...ew.

Other celebs I loved this year: Mark Salling, Lea Michele, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Deschanel,D David Boreanaz, Blake Lively.

TV Shows;;

Bones;; My love for Bones was just discovered this year, and I've already seen every episode, ship Booth/Brennan like crazy, and rank the show in my top three. It's hilarious, but also incredibly thought-provoking! It is definitely a new favorite of mine. I love you, Bones. 

How I Met Your Mother;; This show will always always be a favorite of mine. I would say it's the Friends of the new milennium. I always laugh when I watch this show. I feel it's gone downhill a bit since Barney and Robin broke up, but I have no fear it will bounce back. The Goat, the yellow umbrella, the Slutty Pumpkin, the slap bet, and so many more great memories have happened with this show.

Glee;; Unlike everyone else, I hated this show at first, finding it cliche and not funny at all. A few things made me like it, however: the musical numbers, Puck/Rachel, and Sue Sylvester. Slowly, i've grown to love pretty much every character on the show, even welcoming Mercedes into my heart recently. The only character I don't like is Finn. I miss this show a lot right now, and am anxiously awaiting April.

Gossip Girl;; Still holding strong to my number one spot. Gossip Girl is still my favorite show, each episode blending comedy and drama perfectly. Blair and Chuck are FINALLY a couple, Nate has FINALLY stopped being annoying, and Jenny FINALLY has a plotline. Now they just need to get rid of Vanessa. The pre-hiatus episode was epic, and I am dying waiting for March. I need my weekly gossip girl dose. :(

Other shows I loved in 2009: One Tree Hill, Family Guy, Wizards of Waverly Place, Friends, Gilmore Girls


Booth and Brennan;; One word: DUH. They're just absolutely perfect for each other. They need to just do it, yesterday.

Rachel and Puck;; Hands down the best couple on Glee. When Puck was with her, he was the sweetest he'd ever been and she was the most confident she'd ever been. R/F is like a trainwreck to watch sometimes, but these two are just adorable and precious and I can't wait for more Puckleberry. They're perfect.

Blair and Chuck;; WELL DUH. They remain the cutest, most perfect, incredible couple in the history of Gossip Girl, if not television. They're the world's most perfect couple, and I don't see how people can NOT like them. Nate and Blair were one of the worst couples ever, and completely turned me off the show, until I gave it a second chance months later, saw CB, and was instantly hooked. Blair Waldorf is my favorite character and I'm so glad that she's finally in a relationship where she's happy. But, I don't think i'd be happy if she was with anyone but Chuck. They are my all-time favorite couple on TV and they probably always will be. CB > The World.

Barney and Robin;; They need to get back together. They're perfect for each other, and always hilarious in each other's presence. I'm all right with them seeing other people for awhile, but they absolutely have to come back to each other in the end.
Jenny and Nate;; I'm back and forth on this couple. They're adorable, but I also feel like they're an odd match in some ways. But then, what couple isn't? I definitely can't see them together right now though, but further down the road....
Artie and Tina;; I want them to make up, now. I fell in love with their friendship, and they're absolutely amazing together. I want Artie to forgive Tina so they can make up and date and get married and so on :)
Nate and Serena;; It's always been said Serena and Nate were amazing. This season, the writers of Gossip Girl finally realized it too. They're not on par with CB in any way, but at the same time, they're epic for other reasons. They're just pretty and perfect.
Angela and Hodgins;; They were adorable the first four seasons of Bones. They just HAVE to get back together. Marshall and Lily;; My favorite married couple on TV, Marshmallow and Lilypad portray all the classic cliches of married life, but remain surprisingly unannoying while doing so. If they ever broke up, I would cry for days. They're opposites, but also the same. They're adorable and perfect.
Chloe and Oliver;; Oh hai, crack pairing that isn't really seeming like a crack pairing anymore. Smallville has actually gotten decent this year for the first time in God knows how long, and if the writers finally woke up and put Chollie together, it would be perfect. They've been foreshadowing it, but i'm waiting until it actually happens.

Will and Emma;; Will and Emma aren't a couple I liked at first, but I don't think they'll ever find another person more suited for them then each other. A friend of mine likes to compare them to Jim and Pam. I hate The Office and especially Jim and Pam, but I agree. Will and Emma are going to be an epic couple someday. I can feel it.
Brooke and Julian;; One of the only reasons I still watch One Tree Hill. I'm so glad Brooke finally met her perfect match. They've got struggles of course, because what couple doesn't? I know they'll be okay in the end though. It took Brooke seven seasons to meet this perfect match of hers. I can't see them throwing it away.
Clay and Quinn;; The other reason I'm still watching One Tree Hill. I wasn't expecting much from the newcomers but as Clay and Quinn, Shantel and Rob fit right into the OTH-verse. They make a great couple too. I loved their friendship at first, but now I love their relationship. He's the one she can talk to, and she is the only one he's ever able to love the way he loved Sara.



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