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My Top 5 Bones Interns/Grad Students/Zack Replacements

This is for the latest challenge over at picspammy which is Fives. I decided to do three different ones, and here is my first one. This is my top 5 Bones Interns/Grad Students/Zack Replacements. It wasn't too hard because there's only seven of them, and one has barely been on. But, here they are!

Arastoo! I love him, but I think he needs to be on more often. And, i'm not going to lie, I think he and Cam need to hook up. He was also hilarious in the AU episode as a Persian real estate mogul. And he's finally getting some backstory, which is great! He's such a sweetheart, like when he burned Angela a mix CD when she and Hodgins broke up.

Daisy is annoying, yes, but I also think she's adorable, especially with Sweets. Even though her role has taken less of a "Intern" category and more of a "Sweets's Girlfriend" category, I love when Daisy is the Intern of the Week.

Fisher is hilarious. He's such a pessimistic person, but depressing! My all time favorite quote by him: "This is weird. Something good has happened. (Hodgins: Take a deep breath, I'm sure it will pass.) Hopefully Fisher will continue to be on, even though the actor got that role in Crap Movie of the Year, aka Avatar. He was also genius in the AU episode, i.e. "You can consider me your top suspect."

I feel so bad for Clark, stuck with people blabbing about their Interpersonal Drama at work. But I love when Clark is Intern of the Week, because I always get some laughs in at his expense. He always comes in during the weeks when a lot of Interpersonal Drama is going on in The Lab, so hopefully he'll be back soon, what with the Bones/Booth drama, and the Angela/Hodgins/Wendell triangle. His performance was the best of the AU episode, he became his complete opposite: a rapper, which was only as funny as it was because, come on, it's Clark.

Vincent is by far my favorite. He's absolutely adorable, his accent is amazing, and the Nigel Murray Facts are one of my favorite things on the show. I love his friendship with Hodgins, the experiments they do (see: The Bouncing Turkey Incident and Grounded By Cam!), and out of all the interns, he definitely reminds me most of Zack. If they ever permanently hire someone to fill Zack's shoes, I really hope it's Vincent. I love all the interns, but Vincent is the one I could see every episode and not get sick of. (And i'm not just saying that because he's cute.)

All Caps from here.

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