mrs chanandler bong (partyonyourhead) wrote,
mrs chanandler bong

make this desert flower again

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Icons galore ♥

I'm 17. i'm a senior. my b day is in april

i love gossip girl. sims 2 is amazing. i play constantly, yes texting is awesome

and blair/chuck is my favorite too (although in the books i prefer blair/nate)

YES. i LOVE disney channel and i never thought id meet another senior who loved disney channel.

especially people that hated Demi like me!!! omggg!! this is weied we have a lot in common!!!

of course! :)
saw your icon on a thread somewhere and just had to let you know that i think your icon rox :) gg is so going to the dumps right now >< chuck and blair should be together already!

Deleted comment

Deleted comment


8 years ago

hey, i added you !
i can see that we're both HUGE fans of gg :)
Okay, so... You may or might not have seen the important post in the comm(s) about a possible big change? Well, I decided to do it. I hope not to lose people, of course, however, I think in the long run it will be the best thing overall. I can be a better owner for everyone this way. Now, I understand if you decide to leave the game(s). I hope before you decide, though, you will at least check the board out? The 'skin' or layout for the board will be done and up this weekend, along with banners for each section to personalize it (IE: a 'Club Heroes' banner for the Club Heroes section, etc).

OH, and important note! I WILL be posting updates for new challenges, results, etc in the LJ comms that are currently up so that if you stay and are tracking the comm or read the posts on your F-List, you will see them!

Also, if your apart of any of the following fandom games then either the team names have completely changed or a 4th team has added. Either way, if you move over to the board, then you can keep your same team or change, entirely up to you. - Gilmore Girls, Heroes, NCIS, Stargate, Vampire Diaries

If you have questions, feel free to ask!
Yeah hi I can't send you a message because of your privacy options, so I'll just comment here - feel free to delete.

hello! this is going to sound random but I just read your DNW ships list. I love it! Do you know anyone else who has made one or a community where I can find some?
Haha aw thanks. Yeah I got the idea off the community fandom_picspams - there were quite a few entries in the beginning of Jan 10...

Here are two I found right now:
ty! And yeah I keep trying to change them. But LJ won't let me. I'll keep working on it. :0
Love your Bones interns picspam! VNM is my fave too! And I totally ship Booth/Brennan and Barney/Robin...friends?

how is it we love the same things?! chuckblair, leighton, dianna, ed, kate voegele, hodgins/angela, brennan/booth, kat/patrick, glee!

i'm going to explode, this is awesome! hodgins' and angela's wedding was EPIC! i was shocked. i need to be your friend now!

add please?
OK! Added! :)
Hi, how are you doing? :)
Would you be interested in being friends?
I'm Stacey.

OMFG i love everything you love and your obsessions are all my obsessions!!! :D
do add me. i would love to be friends with you!!
Hi! My name is Jenee', most of my friends list is pretty much inactive. Care to be friends?